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Comments | Broaden the framing boundaries and enrich the photographic performance

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Comments | Broaden the framing boundaries and enrich the photographic performance

● Xian Xiaoyewen ● Jiefang Dianping During shooting, no matter what lens is used, the picture that the viewfinder can record is limited. Photographers should use multiple means to break through the boundary, not only to see the content directly reflected in the photo, but also to see things outside the screen. Use of guide lines. In the world we live in, there are many lines, and photographers can take the viewer's eyes to a distance through these lines of various shapes. If you use a horizontal composition to shoot pedestrians walking on a bridge, and the bridge runs through the picture from left to right, the bridge appears to extend endlessly; for example, if you shoot an "S"-shaped country road, laborers carry it in twos and threes Walking on the road, the poles not only present the beauty of raggedness, but also express the meaning of moving towards a better life; when shooting a characteristic folk activity, you can take the scene of the activity as the center and take into account the surrounding streets. Facing the subject, and enabling the viewer to imagine people watching the action outside the frame, the frame looks lively. The use of whitespace techniques. In addition to using lines in different directions to extend the picture, the blank space can also arouse the viewer's imagination, show the connection between the characters and the scenery, and highlight the relationship between people and the environment. For example, when photographing a lonely traveler walking in the desert, the small figure contrasts with the vast desert, showing the bravery and regional characteristics of the traveler; when photographing a plane that just took off flying over a rapeseed field, it not only explains the seasons, It is also full of high spirits; the shooting of children playing in the ancient buildings not only points out the shooting location, but also presents the theme of the new look of the ancient city. The use of close-up methods. Close-ups seem to record very little, but sometimes they can show more. For example, shooting a pair of rough, cracked hands is more contagious than shooting a full-body photo of a person; shooting a moss-covered tile on the horse head wall not only has regional characteristics, but also highlights the sense of age; shooting a pair of stories full of stories Eyes can make viewers empathize and extend their thoughts beyond the picture; a large aperture can also be used to blur the background, such as placing fruit-picking laborers in the foreground, blurring and filling the fruit forest behind the subject The picture shows the denseness of fruit trees and the toil of the subject. Photographers should not be limited by the content within the picture, but may wish to extend their vision and thinking beyond the picture, expand the boundaries of photography, and sublimate the theme. Roaring old voice at the foot of Mount Hua Feng Ruili Photo comment: The author's wonderful capture of the moment highlights the dynamic performance. Whether it is the different modalities of the characters or a visual rhythm formed on the whole, it reflects the instant wit. Flying to the Spring Photo by Wang Lina Comments: The appropriate shooting angle gives the picture a strong contrast effect, especially the size contrast between the plane and the flowers in perspective, which not only enhances the atmosphere of the space, but also brings a sense of visual hierarchy. The sloping horizon creates a dynamic effect, reflecting the "flying to spring" attitude. Bridge Hu Yuqi Photographic Comments: The light and dark tones produced by light and shadow are an important element of the image's attractiveness. In addition, the special weather and the contrast of light and shadow on the water surface give the work a sense of ink wash and visual vividness, which is another key factor for its success. Spring sowing season Ji Qiuhua Photo Comment: The author shoots against the light, using the effect of the film and the water surface to reflect the sky light, making the ground look extra bright and showing an orderly structure. The characters are prominent in the bright background, and the theme atmosphere of spring sowing is vividly displayed. Enterprise Foundation Li Guiqin Photo Comments: The author depicts the characters' work modalities and working environment through artificial flash, and achieves vivid results. The centered framing angle properly combines the characters with the structure of the environment, so that the picture presents a balanced visual experience and an interesting structural form. Photo by Yan Peng on the Poverty Alleviation Train Comments: The author deliberately chooses one old and one young, one heavy and one light in the picture to compare the performance, through the children's smart and happy mood to set off the vegetable vendors, in order to convey people's yearning and efforts for a better life The tenacious spirit of pursuing a happy life highlights the deep meaning of the theme. Comments by Du Shi Xuanyue: The author uses a head-up perspective to describe the serious mood of children when reading. The visual effects are real and vivid. In addition, the appropriate choice of the surrounding environment and balanced composition processing make the theme of "reading" infectious. Power, people have a sense of immersion. "Big Guy" is powerful in battle. Photo by Chen Hong Comments: The author fully shows the image of the harvester from the side angle of looking up. At the same time, he deliberately constructs characters next to the harvester to form a size contrast effect, which further highlights the tallness of the machine. And convey the contrast and profound changes between modern mechanization and traditional manpower. Weaving Zhang Guifang Photo Comments: The author is condescending, and through reasonable framing and proper momentary grasp, the picture elements are properly constructed. Especially the handling of characters, not only has a story, but also has a real sense of scene. The space environment presents the vivid side of rural life wonderfully. Flowers to send to students by Liu Xian Photo comment: The scene atmosphere and the vivid and vivid modal characteristics of the characters displayed in an instant are the key to touching people's hearts in this photo. Of course, the appropriate viewing angle and the choice of environmental elements are also important conditions to ensure that the subject is prominent and the picture is vivid.

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