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Gesang flowers blooming in the courtyard

2023-03-25 09:08:58 [Share Photography ]
Gesang flowers blooming in the courtyard

Photo and text: Due to the nature of the unit, Qianjun Lonexing always has a fast pace of work, and always feels that he has something to do. Sometimes it is white + black, five + two, and there is very little leisure time to pay attention to the changes in the surrounding environment. In addition, the work unit is located in the suburbs, the transportation is inconvenient, and everyone has a long commute to get off work. Every day when they arrive at the work unit, they immediately enter the intense work. Some comrades eat and live in the work unit 24 hours a day. Apart from work, their leisure and cultural life is also very monotonous. In order to change this situation, create a good working and living environment. The unit renovated the open space in front of the office building, and tried to plant some ornamental trees and flowers. However, due to the soil and water quality, the disease withered for no reason after a period of time. In less than three years, nearly 10 kinds of various species were replaced successively. Trees and flowers were unsuccessful. This also made the comrades in management and logistics feel extremely distressed. Before the winter of last year, the unit organized all the cadres and workers to use their spare time to level the courtyard again, and pulled some soil from the outside, and found some sheep manure and chicken manure to put on the ground. After the spring of this year, everyone voluntarily gave up. During the rest time, I used two weekends to turn the ground and dig the ridges. After leveling the land, I carefully removed the seeds of Gesang flowers, one day two days, two weeks a week... In everyone's expectation, every seed took root. Germinated, green flower seedlings cover the otherwise bare ground. As time moved forward, everyone inadvertently took out the first flower bud, and the first flower bloomed, followed by one plant and one piece, in less than half a month, the whole small courtyard became a A sea of ​​flowers... The footsteps of time have entered autumn. The leaves of the poplars and birches outside the yard have turned yellow. When has the curtain call and returned to nature, it makes people feel a bit desolate in the autumn wind. But when I turned around and looked at the whole courtyard, it was a different scene. Those white, purple, and red Gesang flowers, some were in full bloom, some were still in buds... Many butterflies, bees, and dragonflies were constantly flying in between. . After careful inspection, we found that the branches of Gesang flower are actually very slender, but they are tall and straight, weak but tenacious, and have extremely tenacious vitality. The dancing girls are pure and innocent, innocent... Gesang flowers seem simple, but beautiful, blooming with unparalleled splendor; seemingly weak, but very tough, can withstand the autumn wind and frost. The blooming Gesang flower in the small courtyard has also become the model in my spare time. After I checked the relevant information, I learned that Gesang flower is a plant with strong vitality. Gesang flower is also called Gesang Meiduo. "Gesang" means "good time" or "happiness", and "Mei Duo" means flower, so Gesang flower is also called happiness flower. I have been thinking, happiness is actually very simple, simple happiness, flowers overflowing. The Gesang flower, which seems ordinary, can grow vigorously in the season when other flowers shrink and wither. With a long flowering period, it decorates the poetry of our small courtyard. Its beauty is not only the fragrance of the flowers, but also the beauty of the flowers. The persistence and temperature of life. This also allows me to see that every colleague in the unit has overcome various difficulties such as inconvenient transportation and remote location. They are conscientious, hard-working and never complaining. Actions express selfless feelings. Although everyone is exhausted from super-strong work, they have never complained. Everyone is like Gesanghua, tenacious and persistent. When I photograph the Gesang flower again, I have a little more respect for its vigorous vitality, its simplicity and perseverance, and my awe for life. Flowers are like this. How can we in this world always complain about the turbulent world, and use the tranquility of flowers to fragrant the journey of life, and perhaps collect unexpected scenery.

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