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Multi-dimensional analysis: what kind of commercial space design is "good design"?

2022-09-26 23:17:45 [the scenery ]
Multi-dimensional analysis: what kind of commercial space design is "good design"?

I often see comments like this: This design is well done / This design is not well done / This design feels almost meaningless... For people, it is not difficult to distinguish a design work from an intuitive feeling. However, there seems to be no clear quantitative standard to assess the grade and pros and cons of design works. So how to distinguish, what kind of design is "good design"? In the design industry for many years, Xiangnei Design takes commercial space design as an example, and discusses this issue with you from multiple dimensions.


First of all, the most basic requirement for an excellent commercial space design case is that it must be practical. The object of commercial space design is space, but its fundamental design principles must be from the perspective of space users. A good commercial space design can not only meet the needs of users, but also exceed their needs. It reinforces the character of the space and moves those who approach it and move in it. For example, a good hotel design, in addition to meeting the living needs of users, can also let users feel the stories, services and unique culture behind the hotel through various design techniques, enhance its narrative, functionality, and highlight What lies beneath the surface is the so-called "space temperament". A good commercial space design will integrate all the elements that make up the space: the characteristics of the space, materials, light and shadow, the symbol of the form, carefully consider its overall atmosphere and aura, so that it has been used with the space at the design stage. The participants reached a dialogue and empathy.


"Aesthetics" here includes both visual and psychological aesthetics. As with practicality, visual beauty is a fundamental requirement. That is, good commercial space design must be a well-thought-out and aesthetically valuable art form. In addition, it is also important to bring spiritual satisfaction to people. It can make people feel that life is happy and beautiful. Being in this space will evoke some memories of the user, or generate imagination about the future, and the happiness of being in it. Just as people can get a pleasant spiritual experience through in-depth experience of art, music and literature, a good commercial space design can also allow people to get this experience when entering the space.

Transcendence and Sustainability

Transcendence is a prerequisite for sustainability. A good design case for a commercial space has a clear idea of ​​what it wants to do and what it has to use before it starts. It is beyond the current situation, that is, seeing designs that others don't see, and coming up with solutions that others haven't thought of. Such a design does not overly flatter the moment, so it can last for a long time and accompany the user like an old friend for a long time. Having a transcendent commercial space design will endow the space with greater sustainability and optimized functionality, and even awaken technological improvements to become "better design than before". In summary, good commercial space design generally has several characteristics: it can meet the user's needs and aesthetic needs, bring spiritual pleasure, have ideas and methods that lead the trend of space design, and have independent Value and style, and that lasts forever. Every space designer should take it as his responsibility to design good commercial space design works, and relentlessly pursue the peak of his own ideals.

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