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Teacher-student love, it can be commemorated like this

2023-02-06 09:18:27 [Retro ]
Teacher-student love, it can be commemorated like this

What is happiness? Jin Gailian, a nearly 70-year-old teacher, used the camera as a tool to try to find such an answer. She left many clues in the photos, let us find the answers inside. Human survival is the core of her concern, she endows photos with emotion, and finds herself and her work value in shooting. In addition, she uses photography as an important tool for documenting history and increases her intimacy with her students. She looks at her students with a woman's perspective and tenderness. She wants to write these ordinary people into history in the form of photography, so that their lives will be frozen in the photos and left for future generations to slowly interpret. Like a lot of family treasures: Reuniting with the past by Jin Gailian I am an ordinary teacher, and I have been working in the field of English teaching for almost half a century. Now, I have stepped into the ancient world and have gone through most of my life. I am a person who likes to travel the world. But the epidemic in early 2020 forced my way of life to change. When the epidemic made the human world enter into reflection, I also had time to stop and start looking back on my career. There are countless vivid faces in my memory, which also made me curious: where are my students now? ? what are you doing? So, the idea of ​​doing a photography project was born, and I decided to make a portrait album for my students. Jin Gailian (middle) and students Zhang Zeyuan and Li Zehan (twin brothers). I am a thread, and my students are pearls. Using the camera to freeze them together, the silver thread and gold beads are priceless in my heart. Jin Gailian (left) and student Zhang Wanying. Jin Gailian (left) with student Lian Xiaojuan and children. In the summer of 1974, I became a teacher. At that time, the oldest student was only 6 years younger than me. After a lapse of 40 years, when I saw them again, everyone was old. The scouring tide of economic reform, the changes of times and concepts, and the impregnation of the years were all in every movement of their body or every face of their faces. The expression tells the vicissitudes of life. Jin Gailian's student Wang Qiuyun is now retired to take care of his granddaughter at home. In 1977, the country resumed the college entrance examination. Since 1978, my students and I have been fighting for the college entrance examination. Today, among them are university professors, doctors, but also scientists and entrepreneurs. In the process of filming them, I often squatted on the ground with one leg and held the camera lens in one hand. I was a little shivering with excitement. I recalled the days and nights when we fought for the college entrance examination together... Chen Lianzhong (right), Chen Yuyan ( Left) and Wu Jianing (middle) are the three generations of Jin Gailian's students. Zhang Yuntian, a student of Jin Gailian, is currently in junior high school. He likes taekwondo and bamboo flute. When he grows up, he wants to be a judge. My students are all over the world. During the epidemic, many students returned to their hometown of Zhengzhou, which saved me a lot of time and travel. Despite this, I also lived in Beijing for more than half a month at the turn of the summer and autumn of 2020 when the epidemic was not serious, and went to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo to shoot for a week. During my trip to Yunnan, I brought heavy photographic equipment with the purpose of photographing a student who settled in Kunming. When I went to shoot in the surrounding areas of Zhengzhou, such as Xinxiang, Xuchang, Luoyang, Zhumadian, etc., I mostly drove by myself or my family and friends, and went back and forth on the same day. Jin Kelian's student, Qin Ke, is a stay-at-home mother and now lives in Beijing. By the end of 2020, the shooting plan will be completed as scheduled. In 10 months, I started from Zhengzhou and traveled to all parts of the motherland, and photographed more than 120 students. I finally found an opportunity to not only do a social survey, but also share my heartfelt feelings with former students, so that every moment of meeting has its own meaning. For me, their images are my most precious spiritual wealth. As John Berger said: "Photography bears a testimony that human beings are implementing their own choices under given conditions." Photography is life, and taking your own life is a good photo. I like all of my work, no preference. Friends who have seen my photos, some people say which ones he likes and which ones he doesn't like; another person may have the opposite opinion. I often laugh without answering. I hope to blend the rugged with the bland, the foreign with the traditional, and be able to rub them together. Jin Gailian's student Wang Yanxia is currently an English teacher in an elementary school. Once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the students I have taught. It is they who make the teacher's life meaningful and the teacher's teaching career. Jin Gailian is a member of Henan Photographers Association and a retired English teacher of Henan Foreign Trade Vocational and Technical College. Happy Teachers' Day today's comment area | Let's talk about your teacher TEACHERS'DAY

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