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These 4 photos are good at first glance, but why are they more awkward? The problem is here

2023-03-25 09:39:49 [Light ]
These 4 photos are good at first glance, but why are they more awkward? The problem is here

[email protected] Guanshan Tinghai "China Red" The structure of the iPhone 8 Plus photo is actually perfect, the inverted V-shape of the clouds and the flag are almost exactly the same. The triangular structure of the building and the scattered figures in the center remind people how neat and tidy the subject of this photo is. But it also stems from this. The center of the photo is below, but the center of gravity is placed above. The sky is too high and too big, and the proportions are out of balance. For example: In this photo, it is also a scene and a person. There is almost no blank on the ground, and the person is stuck at the bottom edge of the photo. Do you think that there is a lot of blank space in the sky, and the upper part of the photo is empty? But if, leave the ground some white, put the characters in the middle. There is still a lot of blank space in the sky, but because of the corresponding ground, the proportions are harmonious. Solution: If I were to take the photo, if I left some white space on the ground and placed the subject in the middle, the photo would definitely look better. [email protected] "Drunk in the Sunset" In the later stage of _snapseed, the problem of this photo is very similar to that of the photo above, that is, the question of where the main body of the character should be placed. It can be seen that the photographer found a highlight, and the silhouette of the character was stuck in the highlight. In this way, the outlines are clear and the characters are complete, but does it look good? I don't think it looks good. The photo is flat, not three-dimensional. Let's take this scene as an example. In the first one, the characters are also placed under the scenery, so as not to block the building as much as possible. In the second photo, zoom in on the person and let the person block part of the scenery. Which do you think looks good? The first one, the buildings are chaotic, the characters are small, and the combination of people and scenery is very stiff. Solution: If I were to take the photo, I could see that the scenery in the distance was actually not pretty, but the sky was fine, and the sun's rays gave the girl's gauze a golden edge. Then, you might as well use the technique of the second photo, squat down and get closer to the girl, or shoot with a 2X telephoto. In this way, the girl will stand out, and the background buildings will be more blurred. The main purpose is to create a mood, and the effect may be much better than now. [email protected]_ This photo was taken with light and shadow, but is the light and shadow prominent? I don't think so, especially in the upper part, the paint marks and rust marks on the bricks break the simple artistic conception of light and shadow. In fact, in the photo, the graffiti around the girl is very cute, and with the action of the girl's silhouette, it may be more suitable as the focus of the photo presentation. Solution: If I were to shoot, I would cut off the top half, leaving only the girl and the graffiti behind it. Then, I would remove the extra color, turn the direction horizontally, and make the girl face to the right, and the subject would be more prominent. [email protected]'s Secret This photo has typical advantages. The slanted light runs through the picture diagonally, but because the golden building behind the character is also in the highlights, it overlaps with the main character. , causing the characters to not stand out. In addition to this, there is one more problem: you will notice that all the lines in the photo are drawn in towards the center. In this case, the vertical lines will appear slanted like this in the picture. Solution: If I were to shoot, I might stand a little to the right, avoid the golden pavilion on the right, and wait for the character to enter the light and shadow, then the outline of the main body will stand out. In addition, if you want to reduce line distortion, a simpler way is to shoot with a telephoto. Of course, it is not impossible to use a wide angle, then you must pay attention to the selection of lines in the photo, especially the vertical lines. Try to show their divergence and artistry. Shoot more horizontal lines, less vertical lines.

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