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Arena|“SCMG Photo Contest” Season #028

2023-02-06 18:06:15 [Photoes ]
Arena|“SCMG Photo Contest” Season #028

"SCMG Photo Contest" has been upgraded to an annual contest. The third season "Fourth Week"-Preliminary Works Display 01 Han Kaijie "God's Perspective-The Color and Texture of the Earth"-Host: Hasselblad L1D-20c-Lens : 28mm F1.802 Lin Tuo's "Displacement of Time and Space" - Host: Sony α7m3 - Lens: 24-240mm F3.5-5.603 Lu Tieshan "Mother's Shoulder" - Host: Canon EOS R5 - Lens: Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 Art04 Wang Hai, "Mother's Station in Junli New Home Building No. 2, Xiazhuzhuang Street, Wuqing District, Tianjin" - Host: Aozhixin OM-1 - Lens: Olympus 45mm F1.805 Xia Qikai "Records of Shuttle City Writer"-Host: Canon EOS 6D2-Lens: EF24-105mm F4.006 Xie Yan "The Blues Evergreen Bridge"-Host: Sony α7m2-Lens: Laowa 15mm F4.007 Zhao Kejun "Caprice"-Host: Sony α7m3 -Lens: 24-105mm F4.0 G Call for Papers Yongnuo and Image Dog jointly launched the third season of the "SCMG Photo Contest" hot call for papers! For details, please move to the end of the original text of the image dog official account.

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