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The world's first underwater restaurant, 0 distance immersive experience, nature is the best designer

2023-02-06 16:24:54 [Retro ]
The world's first underwater restaurant, 0 distance immersive experience, nature is the best designer

Remember the popular underwater restaurant back then? Recently, Snøhetta has announced the latest status of the underwater restaurant Under designed that year. This restaurant opened in April 2019, and it has become popular on the Internet due to its unique design concept. Judging from the photos that have been exposed now, the restaurant has been perfectly integrated with marine life, just like the original design. 01The Grim Wonderland after the Storm Over the years, there has been an endless stream of tourists attracted by the scenery of this underwater restaurant. It can be said that this restaurant perfectly interprets what is called "Wonderland at the end of the world". This restaurant looks very quiet from a distance, with a total length of 34 meters. Half slanted into the sea, half resting on the reef, and the bottom supported on the seabed. Snøhetta is not just an ordinary restaurant, it also provides scientists with the convenience of studying marine life during its non-operating hours. Improve official marine resource management through cameras installed on the restaurant's facade and exterior, as well as other measurement tools to study marine life and fish behavior. This is the Victoria's jellyfish, also known as the crystal jellyfish, observed through the vertical window between the mezzanine and the seafloor level. Now the exterior of this restaurant is attached by mussels, and many mollusks live under the sea. This restaurant has become a man-made mussel reef. On the other hand, it also highlights the relationship between human beings and nature. delicate ecological balance. The Under restaurant is the natural result of the boundary experiments we do. A new landmark in southern Norway, it presents an unprecedented combination of pronouns and prepositions, challenging the requisites of one's presence in the environment. In this building, you will find yourself underwater, at the bottom of the sea, or between land and sea, which will give you a whole new perspective and way of seeing the world, both above and below the water's surface . - Snøhetta founder and architect Kjetil Trædal Thorsen02 Unprecedented sense of space experience The severe weather in Lindesnes, Norway is a household name, with an average of several storm changes a day. So when people trek to the silent oak-clad foyer, all the raging storm outside disappears in one fell swoop. In contrast, this restaurant feels very safe and comfortable. As one descends to the elegant oak staircase, the building turns to a softer interior. Even the ceiling finishes are transformed into textiles, and the atmosphere becomes warm and mysterious. At the entrance, the color of the ceiling gradually transitions from cool to warm tones, and when we reach the dining room, the color of the ceiling ends at midnight sea blue. The indoor wall dining room is on the mezzanine that touches the sea. There is a vertical window cut in from one side of the building. From a distance, the window seems to pop out of the water. The water line fluctuates slightly with the wind. is good looking. Chefs sometimes catch or directly source local seafood and cook it in a sustainable way. The scenery outside the window and the color of the water will also change with time and seasons. The dining chairs and architecture of the restaurant are made of natural materials. With 380 LED lights installed on the ceiling, which are subtle point lights, the light source in the dining area appears serene and classy. 03 In the construction process, scaffolding and formwork were set up, considering that the restaurant is too heavy and inconvenient for land transportation, so we chose to work on the nearest water platform. It has to be said that the settlement of marine creatures has completely integrated the building into nature visually. In fact, there are many designs that have undergone huge changes in the early and later stages of construction - but the "invasion" of natural creatures has given The most impressive part of the building. Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editing丨Mary Typesetting丨mary

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